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‘Oops! That wasn’t supposed to happen.’ After Pennsylvania suit, Verizon coughs up promised goodies.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro filed a lawsuit against the wireless giant last week, claiming Verizon customers were unable to obtain promised Amazon Prime memberships and Echo devices.

Banning cashless stores: A little legal research may have saved Philly’s City Council a lot of trouble

In 1984, Pennsylvania enacted the "Cash Consumer Protection Act," which made it illegal for businesses to discriminate against consumers who did not have credit cards.

Amazon warns it may rethink plans to open a Philly store if the city bans cashless retailers

Proponents of the bill, which passed City Council and was sent to Mayor Jim Kenney, say cashless stores effectively discriminate against poor consumers who do not have access to credit or bank accounts.

Don’t send money to sweethearts you haven’t met. Last year lovers lost $143 million like that

Those looking for love this Valentine’s Day should watch out for fraudsters trying to scam singles out of their money, the Federal Trade Commission said Tuesday.

A Coatesville man used a gift card glitch to defraud eBay of $320K. Here’s what he bought.

Chad Broudy, 24, went on an epic shopping spree, paying virtually nothing for more than 3,000 items valued at roughly $320,000, according to federal prosecutors.

Philadelphia takes a step closer to banning cashless stores in the city

Proponents of the bill argue that cashless stores effectively discriminate against poor consumers who do not have access to credit or bank accounts

Philadelphia is considering banning cashless stores. Now’s your chance to be heard

A bill being considered by a Philly City Council committee proposes to ban stores from refusing to accept cash or from charging cash-paying customers a higher price. Violators could receive fines of up to $2,000.

This Super Bowl Sunday, the Philly Special was cars -- in Philadelphia, anyway

The auto show, which started Saturday and runs through Feb. 10, featured 700 vehicles and attracted auto aficionados and prospective car buyers.

Store video helps Philly woman, who slipped on a strawberry in ShopRite, win big in court

Within moments of Wanda Scott’s fall, an employee swept debris into a dustpan and quickly disappeared into a back room, according to court records.