Maddie Hanna writes about policy issues, including school funding and affordable housing. She previously covered Gov. Christie and New Jersey state government. She joined the Inquirer in 2012.

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‘We never thought we’d get in’: The tense wait for a Philly charter school seat

While Philadelphia's schools are improving, many parents see charter schools as a better option. This year, nearly 30,000 students applied to charter schools through a new online application system.

Crumbling school buildings? Philly charter operator offering to build them better.

Charter schools like those run by String Theory, which previously took out $55 million in bonds to buy a Center City office tower, have been able to access sizable properties through taxpayer-funded bond deals.

Nearly 30,000 students apply to Philadelphia charter schools through new website

In total, families submitted more than 120,000 applications for charter schools. More than half the applications came from the Northeast.

In Pa., most cyber charter schools operate with expired state agreements

The state Department of Education has taken years to decide whether to renew some cyber charter schools — delays observers described as "terrible" and a "red flag."

N.J. doubles funding for security at private schools

Religious and other private schools will now get $150 per student from the state for security purposes, up from $75.

Teachers at this Philly charter school got a raise and a contract. But unions at charters are unusual.

The average Philly charter school teacher earns $54,000, compared to $70,000 at the city's traditional public schools. But unions have been slow to take hold at charters — both here and nationally.

Philly school board gives reprieve to struggling charter school

The Richard Allen Preparatory Charter School in Southwest Philadelphia had been on track to close after repeated drops in test scores. But the school board gave it a deal to save on legal costs.

Teachers, staff at Northeast Philly charter school ratify contract; $5,700 average raises this school year

The contract, which includes raises for professional staff averaging $5,700 through the current school year, is a rare instance of union representation at a Philadelphia charter school.

School could start later next year in Philly, after Labor Day

After a heat wave triggered school closures during an earlier-than-usual start this year, the district is proposing to push the date back.

Trial scheduled in landmark Pa. school-funding case

The case, which is the first school-funding challenge to move forward in a Pennsylvania court, is scheduled for summer 2020.