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Following clash between police and homeless people, changes made at Suburban Station

City outreach workers have changed their schedules to try to better serve homeless people in the station.

K2, a potent synthetic drug, is on the rise in Philly, challenging police and outreach workers

The unpredictable synthetic drug is contributing to tensions at Suburban Station, authorities said.

Police interaction with man in wheelchair again raises concerns about handling of homeless at Suburban Station

For the second time this month, police handling of homeless in the transit hub is coming under scrutiny.

Sidewalk blocked by construction? Philly offers new accountability on street obstructions.

This online resource gives people a way to find out whether street and sidewalk blockages are legal.

SEPTA police used pepper spray, batons in clash with homeless people at Suburban Station

Police said they acted in self-defense. Homeless advocates say the altercation could have been avoided.

Here’s what a Broad Street Line extension to the Navy Yard could look like

The biggest obstacle may be qualifying for needed federal funding. Buildings costs range from $869 million to $1.6 billion.

Special Report

How Philly can get out of its traffic jam: 5 fixes that have worked in other cities

Cities around the world have figured how to ease congestion. Here are five fixes for Philly.

Atlantic City Rail shutdown will continue at least until spring

It's possible the line could stay inactive for another five months.

A passenger’s quick reaction saves a woman who fell onto SEPTA’s subway tracks

The woman was pulled off the tracks with minimal injuries.

SEPTA giving free rides to TSA workers

SEPTA staff were being told to not charge any passengers in TSA uniforms with identification, agency spokesman Andrew Busch said.