Justine McDaniel covers vices on the policy and solutions team, writing about topics such as gambling, liquor control, marijuana legalization, and opioid policy.

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Gun control bills, many marking Parkland anniversary, proliferate in Congress

Several control bills have been introduced in state houses and the new Congress that sponsors say are aimed at reducing shootings, suicides, and domestic violence, along with other proposals that call for expanding gun rights.

EPA announces ‘action plan’ to address water contamination near military bases in Bucks and Montco

Speaking in Philadelphia, the EPA said it will “move forward” with the process of creating a drinking-water limit for the PFAS chemicals that have tainted drinking water and groundwater in communities nationwide.

EPA says it has a plan to address PFAS in drinking water — and will announce it in Philly tomorrow

The EPA will travel to Philadelphia and announce plans to regulate how much PFAS can be in drinking water. The chemicals, used in firefighting foams on military bases, have affected drinking water nationwide.

On guns, California wants to be a model for states. Should that matter to Pennsylvania?

As state legislatures approve creative gun-control laws to get around federal inaction on the issue, some hope the ideas spread to other states.

Pledging ‘a new chapter,’ House Democrats hear pleas to address gun-violence crisis

Advocates pushed for the passage of a new universal background checks bill in the U.S. House and asked for other action to reduce gun violence.

Navy searching for new landfill to take contaminated soil from site of Willow Grove base

The Navy has finished excavating contaminated soil from the former base and will store it on site until it can be transported elsewhere.

Seeking to ban ‘undetectable’ guns, Rep. Madeleine Dean proposes law

The bill seeks to prohibit the possession of firearms that cannot be detected by walk-through metal detectors. It is another indication of the emphasis House Democrats plan to put on gun issues.

N.J. landfill backs out of plan to accept contaminated soil from Willow Grove military base

After environmental activists voiced concern, a New Jersey landfill that had agreed to take contaminated soil from the Willow Grove base backed out.

Study: Teen suicide rates higher in states where gun ownership is common

In the 10 states with the highest suicide rates, the average household gun ownership rate was nearly 53 percent, according to the study. In the 10 states with the lowest suicide rate, it was 20 percent.

Members of Congress will ‘put pressure on the EPA’ to address PFAS-contaminated water

A House task force wants the Environmental Protection Agency to designate per-and polyfuoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, as hazardous substances and regulate how much of the chemicals can be present in drinking water.