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His car was impossibly stuck in the snow. Then, a man in a pot leaf suit appeared.

“All I could see around me was white snow, and then all of sudden this angelic man in a green suit comes knocking on my window.”

This Pa. man with cerebral palsy found self-worth as a Walmart greeter. Now, he may lose his job.

Walmart has changed his job from "people greeter" to "customer host," the latter of which comes with responsibilities Catlin can't fulfill.

How saying ‘I don’t see color’ went from woke to whitewashing

“The terminology we learned to use to rebut what the previous generation had taught us is not working."

From ‘councilman’ to ‘councilmember’? Change part of bigger push to rid gender from titles

Philadelphia voters will decide in May whether to remove gender-specific Council titles from the city charter.

In the 2019 dating world, nobody meets in person anymore

“Ten years ago, it was that random encounter. Now, people don’t want to do the traditional thing. They just want to swipe.”

How to make your bae swoon using the right love language this Valentine’s Day

Philly matchmakers have several suggestions for romancing your boo according to their love language.

The city fielded 40 sexual-harassment complaints since implementing its online form

The city controller recommended creating a centralized unit of personnel to investigate all sexual harassment complaints. Rebecca Rhynhart says that hasn't been implemented

Barbra ‘Babs’ Siperstein, 76, N.J. transgender activist and namesake of recently enacted birth certificate bill

Siperstein was seen as one of the architects of New Jersey's legal protections for transgender people.

In the women’s movement of 2019, where do Republicans fit in?

The question has dogged feminist organizations for years. But as Republican women fight for equality within their own party, some are asking: Where's our movement?

Using phones for dorms or dining access at Temple, the first school here with student ID tech

"I see everyone fumbling with their ID cards. I’m like, ‘Just wait guys. Your life is about to get a whole lot easier.’”