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Can you teach students to be happy? Colleges are trying.

Can colleges address mental health problems in students before they begin? Teach students to be more resilient, mentally healthier, maybe even happier?

Marijuana use may increase teens’ risk of depression and suicide, research review suggests

A review of 11 studies with more than 23,000 people found marijuana use before age 18 was associated with increased risk of depression and suicidal thoughts or attempts during young adulthood.

Can teaching mindfulness through smartphones cure America’s loneliness problem?

A new study found teaching people awareness and acceptance — key components of mindfulness — through smartphone-based lessons decreased loneliness by 22 percent.

Her religion made her mental illness worse. Then it saved her.

Religion can be a powerful barrier in the way of mental health treatment for African Americans. But if it's harnessed properly, it can be the key.

How to not get frostbite, hypothermia when the weather is freezing

While curling up under a fuzzy blanket is always a good call, here are some tips from experts, including one who’s just returning from Antarctica.

She kept losing her eyesight, and no one knew why. Then a doctor asked about her mental health.

Many clinicians are unaware that Asian Americans often experience physical symptom of mental illness, so the group of over 21 million goes underdiagnosed and undertreated.

Waiting longer for mental health care may help college students, report finds

Researchers found that students that are made to wait until therapists have a full-time opening saw their therapist a greater number of times, waited fewer days between appointments, and had a greater reduction in symptoms.

Members of Saint Thomas Aquinas Church turn to their immigrant roots to raise $40K for new heater

Parishioners embraced their backgrounds, selling traditional comfort foods like Indonesian satay or Mexican tamales to raise nearly $40,000 in just over a month.

With a giant smiling colon and wreaths of human hair, this is not your average Christmas tree

“How many times do you walk into an office around the holidays and see a Christmas tree?” said Mütter Museum curator Anna Dhody. “You almost never stop and look. This tree gives you a reason to stop.”

Report claims Penn, Princeton, and other Ivy League colleges discriminate against students with mental illness

It claims the colleges are forcing students to leave campus against their will and without medical justification in order to protect the school from legal liability and bad press.