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What can police do when racist pamphlets are distributed?

It was a question residents and officials in Springfield, Montgomery County, were debating this week at a town hall meeting on diversity and inclusion following two incidents in the township last year, in March and November.

Racist, anti-Semitic fliers left at Pa. suburban homes spark community meeting

At least three incidents of distributing racist fliers were discussed during a town hall meeting Monday night.

How saying ‘I don’t see color’ went from woke to whitewashing

“The terminology we learned to use to rebut what the previous generation had taught us is not working."

Ex-Starbucks CEO on Philly arrests: Manager said she likely wouldn't have called cops if men were white

Howard Schultz's remarks in response to the woman who shared the viral video came the day after he said 'I honestly don't see color' when asked about the Philly incident at a separate event.

Virginia governor stirs up new controversy: Were the first Africans brought here ‘indentured servants’ or slaves?

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam stirred up more trouble Sunday when he told Gayle King, of CBS, that the first Africans brought to Jamestown were "indentured servants." But was he wrong?

It’s not whether Kamala Harris is ‘black enough,’ critics say, but whether her policies will support native black Americans

“We’re saying there is a difference in the justice demands for people who are descendants of slaves in this country and those who were enslaved in Jamaica.”

Twitter calls foul as Axios photo of Stacey Abrams perpetuates ‘angry black woman’ trope

Stacey Abrams, the Democratic candidate for governor of Georgia, will give the Democratic Party's response to the State of the Union speech. But Axios, a political news site, chose a photo of Abrams that critics said played into the "angry black woman" trope. People tweeted, Axios caved.

Cartoon turns tennis star Osaka’s brown skin light: ‘This is an especially stark version of whitewashing.’

“She has a tennis racket in her hand, but other than that there is no resemblance,” said one Temple University professor. "This is an especially stark version of white-washing.”

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, remembering the women civil rights leaders left out of spotlight

“Women were at the forefront of the civil rights struggle, but their individual stories were rarely heard,” said Bettye Collier-Thomas, a professor of history at Temple University. She is co-editor of "Sisters in the Struggle: African-American Women in the Civil Rights-Black Power Movement."

Given the Mummers’ history, will they ever manage to not offend?

Some are calling for the city to fully "divest" from the parade following the latest flap.